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Why Invest In Directory Sign Design?

As you decide how to spend your annual marketing budget, don’t overlook the humble directory sign! Today’s post highlights the business benefits of professional directory sign design, from wayfinding to branding and beyond.

Directory Signs Form The Basis Of Your Brand’s First Impression

While your building, lobby, or storefront signage probably makes the biggest impact on visitors, the customer experience starts long before they’ve located your store or office. When visitors first arrive at an office building or business plaza, the first things they look for are directory signs, and it’s critical that you start things off on the right foot.

Directory signs are a standard part of the experience, so much so that we often give them only fleeting attention as we go about our business. But that’s enough to make a first impression, according to research posted in Forbes, which suggests that we start to determine the trustworthiness of any brand or person within one-tenth of a second of our first encounter.

Starting the visitor’s experience with dirty, dated, or downright ugly directory signs primes them for a negative first impression. That’s what researchers found after surveying 100,000 consumers as part of the BrandSpark/Better Homes and Gardens American Shopper Study, where a full 34.5% of respondents said: “they have made quality assumptions about a business on the basis of clear and attractive signage.” In extreme cases, where your directory signs are illegible or contain outdated information, you could even frustrate the customer to the point where they take their business elsewhere.

Directory Signs Are Essential For Effective Wayfinding

Directory signs are absolutely essential for business identification, giving vendors/suppliers, couriers, interviewees, and especially customers all the information they need to find you in a fast, efficient, and stress-free manner.

Professional directory sign design can help your signs get spotted to facilitate smoother wayfinding.

Signworks Metrocenter Street Sign

Directory Signs Provide Valuable Branding Opportunities

Branding opportunities abound with directory signs, even after that crucial first impression is made. Unless they’re employees or brand-loyal customers, your guests won’t be intimately familiar with the layout of your building, which means they’ll need to reference your directory sign every time they visit. That means directory signs create repeat, guaranteed impressions with visitors, making them the perfect platform for subtle branding initiatives. Your brand deserves more than stock directory signage—even something as simple as displaying your brand’s colors or logo can go a long way towards helping you stick in the minds of your guests long after they’re gone!

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