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What To Expect From A Professional Signage Company In Nashville, TN

Are you a first-time sign buyer looking for quality service in Nashville, TN? Make sure you choose a professional signage company that offers all of the following products, services, and expertise—it could save you serious money!

Read on to learn what to expect from a professional signage company in Nashville, TN, or call 615-649-5003 to speak with a Nashville sign specialist straight away.

Expect A Comprehensive Signage Catalog

Even if you’re only in the market for one type of sign right now, it’s a good idea to partner with a professional signage company that offers all sign types. Not only does this guarantee broad sign expertise and better access to different materials, but it also creates more opportunities for future bulk-buy discounts and customer loyalty rewards.

At MetroCenter Signworks, we offer all the most popular types of indoor signsoutdoor signstrade show displays, and vehicle wraps and graphics, all of which are completely customizable. As members of the Signworld business alliance, we also give our clients access to the collective catalogs of more than 330+ sign partners around the country.

Expect Full Installation Support

Unless you’re buying simple peel-and-stick decals, banners, or freestanding signs (e.g. A-frames), sign installation is not DIY-friendly. Many sign installations require special equipment and electrification.

To save yourself another project expense, choose a professional signage company that offers full installation support. This typically gets better results, too, since the manufacturer will know their product inside-out, whereas a third-party installer might not.

Expect Nashville Ordinance Expertise

Before you partner with a professional signage company, make sure they’re versed in local sign law. Most municipalities have their own sign design and installation standards in place, all of which must be met in order to avoid penalties, including fines and Class C misdemeanor charges.

Chapter 17 of the Nashville Code of Ordinances lists a number of such sign standards and regulations for the following purposes:

  • All signs must be installed and designed in such a way that they do not interfere with public traffic control or the movement of pedestrians and vehicles.
  • Protection of minors. No signs containing vulgar material or explicit nudity/sexuality are permitted in Nashville, TN.
  • Graphic continuity and aesthetics. All signs must be organized in a manner that reduces visual clutter and fits together with the community aesthetic. Moreover, sign size and location must be regulated so that pedestrians and motorists “have an equal right to view buildings, structures, and natural features in the foreground and background” (Chapter 17.32.010).
  • Protection of future right-of-way. All signs must be installed with full consideration of future expansions of public right-of-way, in conformance with Nashville’s capital improvements program.
  • Activities and services identification. Signage must satisfy Nashville communities’ “need to know,” clearly identifying the marketplace and opportunities provided therein (Chapter 17.32.010).

Unless your business sign is listed under Chapter 17.32.040, “Exempt Signs,” you’re 100% responsible for meeting Chapter 17’s design and installation standards. And that’s where it pays off to find a professional signage company with Nashville ordinance expertise. Not only do we keep your design and installation compliant every step of the way, but we can also assist with permitting and variances.

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