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I Watched a YouTube Video…

The Internet is a marvelous thing. It has given more people access to more information and more products at wider price ranges (that is, cheaper). But of course, there’s a downside – there’s more misinformation and it’s far easier than ever before to buy substandard products at discount prices, often with no recourse.  (And that’s not to mention the security risks of shady websites.)

Sometimes it makes sense to Do It Yourself – if you know who you’re buying from, if you know it’s the right product for your needs, and if only basic knowledge is needed to install and/or use the product.  (I buy furnace filters online in bulk… not too complicated.) If those aren’t all true, maybe you shouldn’t be doing this on your own – you might want to consult an expert.

What Does This Have to Do With Signs?

This brings me to signs. We had a recent customer who tried to save money by doing it themselves. They have a large sign, 60 feet up, which needed new faces; they bought replacement faces online, then set out to find an installer. It turns out signs like this, that high up, are a little more complicated, and no one local had either the capability or the knowledge. When we got involved we figured out the faces they bought were the wrong size – that is, they had several thousand dollars worth of junk. They ended up paying us to properly survey the sign and supply the right faces, in addition to installing them professionally.

DIY Woodwork

Three More Ways DIY Signs Costs More

Buying materials twice because you lacked the knowledge is probably the most costly example of how doing it yourself ends up costing more.  Here are three more reasons you should trust a professional sign company:

Design and Artwork – If your artwork is not adequate for producing a large sign, a discount provider probably won’t tell you, and your sign will represent your brand poorly. A professional will make sure your brand looks good on the side of your building, the top of a pole, or your vehicle.  There’s also significant value in having a professional proofread your art before going to production.

Lifetime – If you save 20% buying online but your sign is worn out in a year, did you really save money? A professional sign manufacturer will recommend the best materials to meet your goals, which saves money in the long run.

Installation – How many times have you seen a crooked sign or one on the verge of falling down, and thought, “There’s a business owner who doesn’t care.” In many cases that sign was self-installed by someone who lacked either the knowledge or the attention to detail that a sign professional has, and will cost him either in rework or worse, in lost business.  Additionally, if you’re installing your own sign and damage it (tear the vinyl, crack the face, wire it backward, etc.), you’re going to be buying another one.

What do heart surgery, bathroom remodeling, and commercial signage have in common? The cost of making a mistake can be large.  Unless you really have the knowledge and experience, it’s probably better to hire a professional and pay once than try to do it yourself.

Before you get down that path where it’s going to cost you more to Do It Yourself, call MetroCenter Signworks today at 615-649-5003! BACK

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