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Optimizing the Design and Placement of Banners and Signs in Nashville

Today’s post shares 6 tips to help Nashville business owners optimize the design and placement of their custom banners and signs. Need more help? Call 615-649-5003 for a free quote in Nashville, TN!

Best Practices for Designing Banners and Signs in Nashville, TN

Use large text. More often than not, the aim of large banners and signs is to attract attention from afar. If your only goal is to have people spot your sign and perhaps recognize your logo, don’t worry about font size. But if you want them to be able to actually read your banners and signs, font size must be carefully considered.

Researchers at the International Sign Association (ISA) recommend designing banners and signs with letters at least one-inch (1”) tall for every twenty-five feet (25’) of viewing distance. These size recommendations make signs readable for legal drivers (i.e. those following posted speed limits). If you’re advertising exclusively to pedestrians, you can get away with smaller fonts, but the 1” per 25’ rule is still recommended. Thus, if your sign is mounted 75 feet away from the main thoroughfare, all text should be at least 3” tall.

  • Be careful with fancy fonts. As a general rule, the fancier the font, the harder it is to read your banners and signs. Keep in mind that the ISA size recommendations shared in the previous point are specifically for standard “sans serif” fonts. If you go with something fancier, the minimum letter size must be increased significantly, which reduces the total amount of space you have to work with.If you can’t part with your fancy fonts–maybe it suits your haute brand image–speak with a member of MetroCenter Signworks design team. We will work with you to bring your design to life in a way that still maximizes visibility and legibility while honoring your unique vision.
  • Omit needless words. This phrase is perhaps the most important takeaway from William Strunk Jr.’s seminal work, The Elements of Style. Crowded sign copy reads badly. Practice brevity. Omitting needless words adds weight to what remains and makes your sign readable in one glance.

Best practices for Placing Banners and Signs in Nashville, TN

  • Consider the “color context.” Banners and signs aren’t installed in a vacuum–they’re displayed next to other signage, natural features, and buildings belonging to your Nashville neighbors. These create a “color context” that can either help or harm your final installation. Where possible, choose an installation space with colors that contrast with your signage. This will help your banners and signs stand out. Naturally, that means avoiding areas with similar colors, which cause your banners and signs to blend in.
  • Find the dominant angle. Research by the ISA shows that banners and signs mounted parallel to roadways must be at least 70% larger than those mounted at perpendicular angles. That’s because people naturally pay the most attention to what’s front-and-center. A MetroCenter Signworks installation expert can help you find the idea angle, sign height, and setback.
  • Watch out for ambient light. To ensure the outdoor readability of illuminated banners and signs, make sure that you avoid areas with excessive ambient light.

Free Quotes on Banners and Signs in Nashville, TN

Need more help designing or placing your banners and signs?

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