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How To Optimize Dimensional Letter Design In Nashville, TN

Today’s post shares some expert tips to help you choose the right location and materials for your dimensional letter sign design. Read on or call 615-649-5003 for dimensional letter design support.

How TO Find The Right Dimensional Letter Sign Location?

Before you move forward with your dimensional letter sign design, you’ll need to determine the optimal location.

That might sound like putting the cart before the horse, but the location of your dimensional letter sign affects nearly all other aspects of design, including:

  • Letter sizing—e.g. signs intended to be mounted multiple stories up will need larger letters than those mounted just above the doorway
  • Color—contrast is key for good visibility (e.g. signs intended to be placed near red brick should not be red)
  • Typeface and style—you must stand out from competitors, so don’t use blocky blue lettering if a neighboring business does the same
  • Installation—will your dimensional lettering be fastened to a horizontal/vertical support or projected off the building’s facade? Each calls for different design considerations.

When choosing your location, look for:

  • Clear sight lines, ideally from multiple angles of approach
  • Freedom from seasonal obstructions (e.g. snow banks and blooming foliage)
  • Height
  • Natural lighting (but no light pollution)
  • Adequate distance from competitor’s signage

Also make sure your intended area complies with Nashville sign ordinances or your local sign ordinances. If you need help, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

Choose The Best Materials For Your Unique Budget And Needs

  • Routed PVC dimensional letters—affordable and completely customizable, routed PVC is a great option for interior use, though it is more prone to scratches and nicks than other materials.
  • Formed plastic dimensional letters—more durable than routed PVC, formed plastic is suitable for outdoor signs, though the aesthetic quality isn’t quite on-par with more expensive alternatives.
  • Flat-cut acrylic dimensional letters—produced with clean edges and tight corners, acrylic dimensional letters are the dimensional sign standard for a reason. They’re ideal for indoor and outdoor applications, but a little more expensive than the previous options.
  • Laser-cut, cast, and fabricated metal dimensional letters—choose from aluminum, brass, bronze, or steel to create stunning designs whose aesthetics match the quality of your brand offering. On the downside, metal laminate letters are heavy and must be installed by sign professionals—but we can help with that, too!

Book A Free Dimensional Letter Sign Consultation In Nashville, TN

We proudly serve Tennessee communities, including Portland, Ridgetop, Whites Creek, Springfield, Old Hickory, Brentwood, Dickson, Greenbrier, Goodlettsville, Columbia, Gallatin, Murfreesboro, Smyrna, Spring Hill, Nolensville, Ashland City, Franklin, and all the surrounding areas.

As a full-service sign shop, the team at MetroCenter Signworks provides everything you need to ensure a smooth customer experience, including:

  • Dimensional letter consultation and design—whether you need to update existing logos or take those crucial first steps towards building an authoritative brand image, our in-house designers can help.
  • Dimensional letter manufacturing—we bring your design to life with premium materials and cutting-edge manufacturing technology.
  • Dimensional letter installation—we help install your dimensional letter sign for maximum visibility and complete compliance with Nashville sign ordinances
  • Dimensional letter maintenance and repair—keep your investment looking its best and get more out of your marketing budget with the help of our team.

Call 615-649-5003 or visit the MetroCenter Signworks website to book a dimensional letter sign consultation and get a 100% free quote.