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How To Maintain Your Sign To Make It Last Longer

An outdoor sign is an investment in your business. You took the time to have custom signs designed for color, size, and style to bring attention to your business just the right way. Your signs should be appealing and pleasing every time you look at them.

Contact MetroCenter Signworks, Nashville, TN, for more on how to maintain your sign to make it last longer.

Simple and Easy Sign Maintenance

Once you order your sign, you want to set it and forget it. Your outdoor signage should be able to do its job, attracting customer attention with minimal effort from you. Thankfully, the steps to maintaining your sign are pretty simple.

Clean the Exterior

Your outdoor sign will require cleaning from time to time to remove the build-up of natural dirt and debris. Since this is natural debris brought on by wind and weather conditions, a simple cleaning with water should be enough to maintain its outward appearance.

Refrain from using chemical cleaners and abrasive materials to clean your sign. Chemical cleaners will gradually wear down the sign material, making it susceptible to cracking, scratching, fading, and flaking.

Clean the Interior

Most exterior signs light up, glow, or even rotate. In these cases, an interior section to the sign houses electrical and mechanical components. These parts need protection from the elements to keep the sign operating correctly.

The interior is just as susceptible to dust and debris build-up as the exterior. When cleaning the sign, take the time to open the interior and remove this dust and debris. Be careful not to touch, damage, or fray the electrical and mechanical components.

When cleaning, avoid using chemical cleaners and cloth materials that could leave lint behind. Additionally, check for any damage that might allow water or outside debris to enter. Water build-up or excessive debris could result in increased damage to electrical and mechanical components.

Inspect Electrical and Mechanical Components

Although you want to avoid touching or maneuvering electrical or mechanical components, it is worth visually inspecting them whenever you have the sign open.

Inspect the components for loose wiring or parts, fraying, and rust. Awareness of electrical or mechanical issues could prevent early and costly sign breakdowns.

Turn off the sign before making adjustments or repairs. Consult your sign agency for anything complex involving electrical components or moving parts before attempting to conduct sign maintenance on your own.

Hospital Sign

Refrain from Excessive Handling

Ideal sign placement is away from the temptation of customers or employees to touch it. Outdoor signage needs to be left alone once placed. Excessive touching, scratching, and maneuvering could lead to an early breakdown of the sign.

When it’s time to clean the sign, minimize contact. Clean the exterior with light and infrequent watering and minimally dust the interior to remove debris.

Once your sign is on and operational, it isn’t necessary to turn it off daily. Frequent cycling between on and off could result in early failure of electrical or mechanical components.

Protection from the Weather

Exterior signs naturally withstand weather-related dust, rain, and debris. Normal dirt build-up will not harm the structure of the sign. However, these signs cannot usually handle high winds and elements related to major storms.

In the case of major storms, it is essential to consider what measures you can take to minimize damage to your sign, whether or not it’s under an awning. It might be worth covering the sign in a heavy tarp material to prevent scratching, denting, or flaking from heavy winds, rain, or items tossed by the wind. Consider turning off your sign to avoid electrical or mechanical breakages.

If you aren’t sure how to maintain your sign to make it last longer when threats of brown or blackouts are possible, contact your custom sign developer.

Overall Care

Overall, your exterior sign should require very little care to maintain good working order. Excessive and unnecessary handling, no matter the good intention, could negatively impact the lifespan of your sign.

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If you are ready to invest in outdoor advertising, it is essential to consider what is necessary to maintain its care. For more on how to maintain your sign to make it last longer or types of outdoor signage, contact the professionals at MetroCenter Signworks, Inc., Nashville, TN, at 615-649-5003.

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