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How To Clean And Maintain Custom Floor Graphics

You have just installed your custom floor graphics, but you are already thinking ahead. You know the secret to getting your money’s worth comes down to proper cleaning and maintenance—and MetroCenter Signworks is here to help.

Today’s post reviews best practices for cleaning and maintaining custom floor graphics, as recommended by 3M and the experts at MetroCenter Signworks. Read on or call 615-649-5003 for a free custom floor graphics consultation.

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How To Clean And Maintain Custom Floor Graphics

  • Choose the right installation surface. An ounce of preparation is worth a pound of cure, as they say, so prepare for a long, happy product lifetime by choosing a suitable floor surface. Approved application surfaces include waxed vinyl, sealed concrete, marble, ceramic tile, sealed wood, and terrazzo. Avoid installing your floor graphics on loose or uneven tile, and make sure the floor finish is well bonded to the surface you choose, as the graphics may cause poorly bonded surfaces to separate or release during removal.
  • Consider adding floor mats to reduce wear, tear, and contaminants. The more guests track in salt, grit, and grime, the more you will need to clean and maintain your floor graphics, which adds wear over time. Adding floor mats in your building (and encouraging guests to use them) can go a long way towards keeping your floor graphics looking great for longer and prevent tears that may be caused when small pebbles or salt grains get lodged in the tread of a shoe.
  • Keep your custom floor graphics out of direct sunlight when possible. UV rays can cause floor graphics to fade or discolor over time. Select a spot that does not receive excessive direct sunlight or take the extra effort to close blinds at certain times of the day, and you will add years to your product lifespan.
  • Clean your custom floor graphics properly. To properly clean your custom floor graphics, use a wet, non-abrasive detergent and gentle hand washing technique. Dry thoroughly to prevent the appearance of visible spots. Avoid using any abrasive cleaning tools, such as scrubbers, as these may cause scratches or tears.
  • Apply wax carefully. Waxing can help protect the floor graphic from wear caused by routine maintenance but proceed with caution! If you choose to use wax, select one that meets or exceeds the 0.5 Static Coefficient of Friction Value using the ASTM D 2047 test procedure, or you could damage your floor graphic. For help choosing approved wax, get in touch with our team in Nashville, TN.

Free Quote On Custom Floor Graphic Design And Maintenance In Nashville, TN

MetroCenter Signworks is a leading provider of custom floor graphics in Nashville and the surrounding areas, as well as nationwide, thanks to our remote consultation and floor graphic delivery services. Moreover, as one of Nashville’s only true one-stop sign shops, we are also proud to offer complete floor graphic cleaning and maintenance services for busy business people and multi-location owners lacking the time for DIY upkeep.

Whatever you are looking for, you will find it all at MetroCenter Signworks. Call 615-649-5003 or visit the MetroCenter Signworks website to book a free consultation and get a same-day quote on any custom floor graphic products or services.

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