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How Long Does A Wrap Last On A Car?

Research has shown car wraps to be one of the most cost-effective forms of advertising. But can car wraps hold up in Nashville heat? Read on or call 615-649-5003 for a free car wrap quote and consultation.


Nashville Turns Up The Heat On Car Wraps

At the time of writing, Nashville’s temperatures are expected to be in the mid-90s for the next two weeks.

As heat advisories remain in place and Saharan dust plumes sweep over Nashville, the weather has left many MetroCenter Signworks clients wondering whether or not their car wraps will stand up to the sun.

How Do Car Wraps Hold Up In The Nashville Heat?

Like most things, car wraps do not thrive in direct overexposure to UV rays and intense heat. But that doesn’t mean they won’t perform all summer long. Most car wraps are rated for use in temperatures of up to 107°, which Nashville summers have yet to bring.

Most of the issues with high heat occur during the installation phase. If the installation area is too hot, the adhesive will not cure properly (heat is a key part of the wrap removal process), and the car wrap itself may be harder to handle. But that’s not your problem—and at MetroCenter Signworks, where we make every effort to keep our installation area optimized, it’s not one we have to deal with, either.

However, prolonged, direct exposure to UV rays is definitely not recommended. Extreme heat can cause car wrap designs to fade over time, which is why we recommend parking in shade on blazing-hot days. But be careful about storing your wrapped car in a stuffy garage, as parking in enclosed spaces that reach extreme temperatures may cause car wraps to distort, expand, or shrink, and the adhesives might begin to fail.

Simply put, prolonged exposure to extreme heat conditions is not good for your car wraps. It can take years off your car wrap’s lifespan. But it’s not a death sentence, either. Nashville businesses have been using our car wraps to run successful mobile marketing campaigns for years.

There’s also plenty you can do in terms of maintenance and preventative measures to keep your car wraps safe this summer.


Car Wrap Maintenance Tips: Beat The Nashville Heat

The following car wrap tips will mitigate any potential damage or wear caused by extreme temperatures:

  • Just like paint, car wraps are degraded by prolonged exposure to sun, as well as atmospheric pollutants, particularly those that accumulate on surfaces such as bonnet, boot lid, and roof. Whenever possible, store your vehicle in a cool garage or shaded area.
  • Allow your vehicle to remain on the shop floor for at least 24 hours after your car wrap job is complete to ensure the adhesive is fully cured.
  • Avoid washing your vehicle on hot, sunny days. If forced to do so, opt for early morning or evening hours, when the sun is no longer at its peak, and avoid scrubbing too hard to reduce the risks of heat-related stretching.
  • Consider the use of wrap-safe waxes as “sunscreen” for your car wraps. Contact MetroCenter Signworks for recommendations.
  • Choose high-quality car wraps.

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