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Choose The Right Custom Sign Company During COVID-19

Today’s post explains how to find a COVID-safe custom sign company for your next sign project in Nashville, TN. Read on to learn what to expect from qualified sign providers during COVID-19, or call 615-649-5003 for a free quote straight away.

Covid 19 Vaccination Centre

How to Find a COVID-Safe Custom Sign Company During COVID-19 Pandemic

With custom sign companies now designated “essential businesses” by the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), you should have no trouble finding shops willing to take on your project, even in cities with more stringent lockdown policies. Moreover, the nature of custom sign production, with its behind-closed-doors manufacturing and contactless design collaboration, keeps the risk of infection and COVID-19 community spread quite low, so long as proper protocols are in place. Not all sign shops are created equal, and the onus falls on the consumer to find COVID-safe providers.

Do not worry—if you are in Nashville, TN or the surrounding areas, COVID-safe service is closer than you think. Since the very start of the pandemic, we have been working hard to support local business continuity by providing the same great service through safer, contactless channels, and by developing a whole new range of custom COVID-19 signage, sneeze guards, and sanitizer stands.

We have made changes in order to support safe business continuity for companies in Nashville, TN during COVID-19. Whether you are looking for more reasons to work with MetroCenter Signworks, or you need sign shop criteria to find COVID-safe services in your town, this is what to expect from a qualified sign shop during COVID-19:

1.   Remote design for contactless custom sign company collaborations

Whether you are a Nashville local or located out of state, it is easy to perfect your custom sign design online or over the phone, without the need for any shop visits or face-to-face contact. Buyers have several options:

  • Select any of our proven templates for fast, cost-effective custom sign turnaround
  • Create any custom design using our proven templates as a strong foundation
  • Build bespoke signage from scratch with the help of our in-house creative team
  • Submit any vector artwork to flawlessly reproduce existing logos, designs, or brand materials

Whatever you choose, you are guaranteed great results, without any added worry.

2.   Contactless drop-off, pick-up, and sign installations

MetroCenter Signworks offers full installation support and sign delivery, none of which requires any face-to-face contact or violation of social distancing guidelines. In this way, we guarantee perfect installation results and full compliance with Nashville’s Code of Ordinances, without ever putting you at risk of community spread.

3.   Employee screening and custom sign company contact tracing

MetroCenter Signworks screens all employees for symptoms or potential contact with COVID-19 carriers to ensure no one “at-risk” ever handles your signage.

4.   Full compliance with CDC custom sign company guidelines

Though the sign industry is now deemed essential, any custom sign company that continues to operate must implement all the CDC’s anti-pandemic protocols regarding proper masking, hand hygiene, and social distancing. MetroCenter Signworks strictly enforces all COVID-19 safety policies in the workplace, and out in the field, so you never have to worry.

Free quote from a custom sign company in Nashville, TN

Call 615-649-5003 or visit the MetroCenter Signworks website to schedule a free consultation and get a same-day quote on any custom sign project.

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