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Best Practices For Outdoor Sign Installation In Nashville, TN

Today’s post shares some best practices for outdoor sign installation in Nashville, Tennessee, courtesy of the MetroCenter Signworks team. Call 615-649-5003 for a free outdoor sign installation quote!

‘Take The Temperature’ Of Every Potential Outdoor Sign Spot

Certain signs simply won’t last under direct, long-term sun exposure. For instance, hotter temperatures can interfere with the graphic adhesives. Furthermore, UV rays can cause certain outdoor signs to fade. Conversely, certain signage isn’t great in extreme cold.

Your MetroCenter Signworks project manager will explain the ideal installation conditions for your outdoor sign. If you’re working with somebody else, make sure to ask!

Consider All Seasons To Find The Perfect Outdoor Sign Location

What looks like the perfect outdoor sign spot may be completely overgrown in the spring or obstructed by snow come winter. Make sure you evaluate every potential spot with an “all-seasons” perspective, with full consideration of all weather conditions. Beyond increasing your visibility year-round, this simple step could drastically increase the lifespan of your sign by reducing exposure to rain, snow, salt, and contaminants.

Keep Your Installation Compliant With Codes

The Tennessee Department of Transportation makes their outdoor sign codes available for free online. Chapter 1680-2-3, “Control of Outdoor Advertising,” outlines several important sign code considerations that will affect your installation.

For example, any outdoor signs installed within 660 feet of Interstate and Primary Highways must abide by several restrictions, including:

  • Zoning–All outdoor signs must be located in areas zoned for commercial or industrial use, or in areas which qualify for unzoned commercial or industrial use, as per Chapter 1680-2-3-.02, Paragraph 27.
    Certain signs are exempt. For instance, any official signs and notices authorized or required by law are exempt, along with any signs advertising the sale or lease of property on which they’re located.
    But if you have any doubt, talk to a MetroCenter Signworks expert–a free consultation could save you a hefty fine or sign replacement fee.
  • Size–Outdoor signs must be no larger than 775 square feet, with a maximum height of 30 feet or maximum length of 60 feet, including any borders or trim. Businesses located in counties with populations greater than 250,000 may use that county’s sizing standards, but no outdoor sign can ever exceed 1200 square feet.
  • Lighting–Outdoor signs cannot use flashing, intermittent, or moving lights. Outdoor signs that direct beams or rays of light towards traveled highway lanes are prohibited. Lighting cannot obscure official traffic signs, devices, or signals.
  • Spacing–No two outdoor sign structures will be spaced less than 1000 feet apart, unless separated by buildings or other obstructions so that only one is visible from the main traveled way at any one time.

Every Tennessee county and municipality also has their own codes for signs, which may be more restrictive than State codes.  Local codes often have limits on height, distance from the road, size as a percentage of building frontage, even materials that may be used.

To make it even more complicated, property owners and managers usually want to maintain a certain aesthetic in their shopping centers and office parks; most have their own restrictions and require pre-approval for new signs.

Don’t try to navigate government codes and landlord requirements on your own – a free consultation with a MetroCenter Signworks expert could save you a hefty fine or sign replacement cost.

How To Get Professional Help With Outdoor Sign Installation In Nashville, TN

In addition to our wide selection of custom outdoor signs, MetroCenter Signworks offers full installation support. Call 615-649-5003 or fill out the contact form on the MetroCenter Signworks website to book a consultation and get a free quote.

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