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3 Reasons To Make The Switch To Lighted Commercial Signs In 2020-2021

Today’s post runs down three of the top reasons why Nashville businesses are making the switch to lighted commercial signs in 2020-2021. Read on or call 615-649-5003 to speak directly with a lighted commercial sign expert.

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Lighted Commercial Signs Deemed An Essential Part Of Business Marketing In Nashville, TN

Spend some time asking businesses around Nashville and you’ll soon learn that local business owners hold their lighted commercial signs close to their hearts. But why?

Survey research conducted by the International Sign Association among more than 750 users of on-premise lighted commercial signs shed some light on the matter.

The first major finding was regarding the popularity and frequency of commercial lighted sign usage:

  • The average respondent used 1.71 signs and illuminated their signage 13.9 hours per day
  • More than 80% of companies reported illuminating their signage after business hours, with an additional 30% claiming they kept their lighted commercial signs on 24/7

Clearly, lighted commercial signs are an important part of daily operations, but what are business owners getting in return for all that illumination?

Lighted commercial sign users strongly believed that their on-premise signage was essential for performing “key marketing functions,” including:

  • Reinforcing advertising as part of integrated marketing communications
  • Branding the business
  • Enhancing store image
  • Helping to communicate the business’ location

Finally, more than half of all respondents indicated that they would lose sales if government regulations restricted them from lighting their signage. The survey group estimated a 21% loss of revenues due to removal of lighted commercial signs.

Lighted Commercial Signs Make Nashville Businesses Safer And Easier To Navigate

Whether you’re trying to light the way through a parking garage or evacuate guests during emergencies, lighted commercial signs and wayfinding cues stand head-and-shoulders above unlit alternatives.

Lighted Commercial Signs Are Energy Efficient

Think lighted commercial signs come with hefty-and-hidden energy costs? Think again. With the right lighted commercials signs, your business can get seen and stay green!

According to the United States Energy Department, LEDs use about 75% less energy than traditional incandescent lights, which in turn cuts your lighting costs by 75%.  Today’s properly designed LED signs use far less energy than any other outdated lighting system.

Free Quote On Lighted Commercial Signs In Nashville, TN

Whether you need dynamic digital displays, or you want to add exterior lighting to elevate existing signage, we can help!

MetroCenter Signworks proudly serves Nashville and all the surrounding communities, including Whites Creek, Ridgetop, Smyrna, Antioch, Greenbrier, and Brentwood. We also offer remote design and nationwide shipping for clients located outside of Nashville.

Visit the MetroCenter Signworks website or call 615-649-5003 to set up a consultation and get a free quote on your lighted commercial sign project in Nashville, TN.

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