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3 Long-Term Benefits Of Digital Signage For Marketing

In today’s digitally-focused economy, physical signage often takes a backseat to other forms of marketing, like email, PPC ads, and Google AdWords. However, no matter what kind of business you own, you can always benefit from good-quality indoor or outdoor signs for marketing.

So today, the team at MetroCenter Signworks is here to talk about the major long-term benefits of using signs to market your business. We will cover the advantages of using signs and tips to use physical signs as effectively as possible for your business.

Grab Customer Attention

Perhaps the single biggest long-term advantage of using physical signage is how it captures customer attention when they pass by on the street. Unfortunately, many companies rely on the internet and other digital marketing efforts to acquire a new customer base. As a result, they often forget the potential customer pool that walks or drives by their physical storefront every day.

Large, interesting, and prominent signage makes it more likely that people will stop and pay attention, which ultimately means you get more customers and more brand awareness. Attractive signage captures attention and allows your business to stand out among the crowd of competing storefronts.

These advantages relate to more than just theoretical too. A study from the Sign Research Foundation discovered that over half of all shoppers state they have either passed up using a business or were unable to locate it due to ineffective signage. So, as business owners and managers, you need to understand the importance of having a visually distinct sign that makes it easy to notice and locate your business.

Brand Awareness

“Branding” remains one of those marketing buzzwords that people frequently use without explaining. In short, branding essentially means the public perception of your company, ideals, products, and image. In other words, anything that helps customers identify your company is part of your overall branding strategy, including slogans, logos, values, and signage.

Branding plays an extremely important role as it helps customers build positive associations between concepts/ideas and your business. For example, if you automatically think of Subway whenever you hear the phrase “eat fresh,” you see branding in action.

Signs are a very effective method of developing your company’s branding. Signs with strong branding stick in customers’ minds and help them identify your business products and services. Signs become particularly effective for branding due to their tangible and visible nature. Quality signage complements your overall brand to make your business more readily identifiable.


Another great benefit of signs is how cost-effective they are. Modern commercial signs utilize materials like canvas and polyurethane—durable materials resistant to fading, fraying, and weather degradation. Moreover, these materials are easy to clean and maintain.

All these features make physical signage a very cost-effective investment for your business. Signage can last for years, and modern sign companies can help you create custom sign designs that fit your business message and branding. Some signs can be expensive but are reusable, which lowers their lifetime cost as you don’t need to replace them.

According to the Small Business Administration, the cost for reaching one thousand customers is significantly less for signs than for other common types of marketing, such as TV or newspapers. For example, the average ROI for an LED sign can reach nearly 150%.

Darvis Signboard

Tips for Optimizing Your Signage

Signs bring several potential benefits, but you need to use them correctly to maximize ROI. With that in mind, let’s review some quick tips on effectively optimizing your signing strategy.

●  Simple is usually better. The best signs communicate messages concisely with little to no extra clutter. In general, fewer words are better, and you should use white space to make the message more digestible.

●  Use complementary colors. Sign colors have a dramatic effect on text readability. For example, dark backgrounds contrast well with light text and vice versa.

●  Stick to two fonts at most. Font contrast is great for making your message pop, but too many fonts can make your sign confusing to read. We recommend using no more than two font styles on your signage.

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The long-term benefits of using signs for your business are numerous, and practically any business can benefit from quality signs. If you want to take your business to the next level, make sure you hire a sign professional in your area. MetroCenter Signworks is your go-to choice for sign solutions in Nashville, TN, and surrounding areas.

For all your custom signage needs, contact MetroCenter Signworks online or give us a call at (615) 649-5003.


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