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Learn How To Repair Neon Sign Efficiently

Neon signs have been around for a long time and are still a popular choice for businesses. They can be fun and eye-catching, and they make a statement. If your neon light isn’t working right, it can be frustrating. In this blog, we will talk about how to conduct a neon sign repair.

How Does Neon Sign Work?

A Neon sign is a glass tube that is filled with a small amount of Neon gas at low pressure. This means it doesn’t react with other elements, making it a reliable choice for use in signs. The tube is placed between two electrodes, and when a high voltage is applied, the Neon gas ionizes. This ionization causes electrons to flow from one electrode to the other, causing the gas to glow with neon lights.

Why Do Neon Signs Go Wrong?

There are a few things that can cause a Neon sign to flicker.

Low Voltage

If the voltage supplied to the sign is not high enough, the Neon gas will not ionize, and the sign will not glow.

Dirty Connections

Over time, the connections between the electrodes and the glass tube can become dirty or corroded. This can cause a loss of connection, preventing the flow of electricity and causing the sign to flicker.

Shorted Or Broken Wires

If the wires that supply power to the sign are shorted wire or broken, the sign will not work.

Leakage Of Tube

If there is a leak in the glass tube, the Neon gas will escape. This will cause the sign to lose its glow. The loss of gas will eventually cause the sign to flicker and go out.

Faulty Transformer

The transformer is the component that supplies the high voltage to the sign. If it is not working correctly, the sign will not glow. If the output voltage is lower than the input voltage, this could be the issue.

How To Fix Neon Sign?

Do a few things to try and fix your sign before taking it in for repairs that can increase audience engagement and site statistics. Here are easy steps on how to fix neon sign:

Fix The Power Circuit

If the power circuit is the problem, you may be able to fix it yourself. Check the power supply and look for any loose connections. If you find any, tighten them and see if the sign starts working correctly.

You can also check the voltage coming into the sign. The Neon gas needs a certain amount of voltage to ionize and make the sign glow. If the voltage is too low, the sign will not work correctly.

Repair Broken & Cracked Parts

If you are trying to fix a broken portion of the sign, be very careful. Try to repair broken parts that can easily fix the whole sign problem.

Here’s how to fix a neon sign with a broken tube: assess the damage, turn off the power, carefully remove the broken tube, and inspect for further issues. Once the damage is assessed, a replacement neon tube matching the original specifications should be installed following safety guidelines. Testing the sign for functionality is essential after installation. If uncertain, seeking professional assistance ensures safe and effective repair.
If you are not sure what you are doing, it is best to take the neon tubes for repairs.

Secure Electrical Connections

If you find any broken or cracked wires, replace the defective section. This can be a dangerous task, so be careful when working with the wiring. Be sure to unplug the sign before starting any repairs. If you are not sure how to fix the wiring, it is best to take the sign for repairs.

Let's Party Neon Sign

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Choosing Neon Signs

There are a few things you should consider before choosing a Neon sign for your business.


  • A well-made Neon sign has a warm, inviting eye-catching glow to market your business.
  • With proper care, a Neon sign can last for many years.
  • You can choose the shape, size, and color of the Neon tube.
  • Neo can be replaced if broken, making repairs easy.
  • No chance of damage from wind, rain, or snow.


  • Need more power than other types of signs.
  • If not made correctly, the sign can leak gas and cause a fire.
  • The initial cost is higher than other types of signs. Repairs can be costly if you are not familiar with Neon gas.
  • The danger of broken or leakage glass can cause injury.
  • Sensitive while installing and need an expert to handle it with care.
  • Light cannot be altered once installed.

Tips To Maintain Neon Sign

There are a few things you should do to keep your Neon sign working correctly for many years.

Keep It Clean

Regular cleaning will help your Neon sign look bright and make future cleanings quick and simple. To do this, you will need a soft cloth, some soapy water, and a brush. First, wet the cloth with soapy water and then wipe down the sign. Next, use the brush to clean any dirt or debris from the glass. Finally, dry the sign with a clean cloth.

Prevent From Bugs

Insects can build nests inside the glass tubes and damage the sign. Check for any insects and remove them before they cause any damage. Avoid putting the sign near places where insects congregate, such as garbage cans.

Plugged In All The Time

It is important to keep your Neon sign plugged in all the time. This will help prevent the Neon gas from escaping and preserve the lifespan of your sign. Additionally, it will help keep the sign working correctly.

Be Careful While Handling

When you are handling your Neon sign, be sure to use gloves. This will help prevent the oils from your skin from getting on the sign. Additionally, be careful not to drop or bump the sign, as this can damage the glass. Finally, be sure to store the older neon signs in a safe place when it is not in use.

Hire A Sign Repair Professionalism

If you notice any damage or defects in your Neon sign, it is important to take it in for repairs as soon as possible. Trying to fix the sign yourself can often make the issue worse.


In conclusion, neon signs continue to be a popular and captivating choice for businesses. When experiencing issues with these signs, seeking professional repair is crucial to ensure safety and effective resolution. Despite their higher power requirements and initial costs, neon signs offer an inviting glow, durability, and customizability. With proper maintenance and care, neon signs can be a long-lasting and attractive marketing solution for businesses.

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