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Make Better Impressions With Professional Front Desk Signs

In today’s post, we highlight the important role of front desk signs in making strong first impressions with customers and guests, then discuss how to optimize your front desk sign design in Nashville, TN.

How Front Desk Signs Influence Consumers’ First Impressions

Of the five human senses, sight undoubtedly has the biggest impact on consumer perceptions. The great Greek philosopher Aristotle famously argued that knowledge comes from perception and that all perceptions “are triggered by the witness” (Chang & Lin, 2010, p. 3344). Modern research bears that out, as one study by Linstorm (2005) revealed that 83% of human beings use sight as the primary receiver to obtain messages. Moreover, since the early 1980s, the “seven-second color theory” in marketing has told us that consumers experience their first impression of sight memory for products and brand signage within the first 0.67 seconds.

So what does that all mean for your business? It means you’ve got less than a second to make a winning first impression on your guests, and that the vast majority of them will be basing their impressions on the things they see.

Therefore, while it’s nice to create branded ambiance with music and scents, what truly matters for first impressions are appearances, and your front desk sign will likely anchor your consumers’ thin-slicingResearch by the International Sign Association (ISA) showed as much: surveys of 100,000 American consumers revealed that more than one-third of respondents had made quality assumptions about a business on the basis of their front desk signs alone.

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3 Design Tips To Make Better First Impressions With Front Desk Signs

Though a complete front desk design breakdown is beyond the scope of a single article, we thought we’d get you started with a few quick and easy tips. Whether you’re creating your front desk sign on your own, or you just want to learn a bit of design theory before you collaborate with the pros, the following 3 tips will be of use:

  1. Leverage color contrast for great visibility and visual appeal. Choose a background color that makes your front desk sign copy stand out. It not only looks sharp and improves legibility, but also helps your sign get spotted, which makes the customer’s experience smoother. The Outdoor Advertising Association of America lists the following top-five color combinations for optimal contrast: black on yellow, black on white, yellow on black, white on blue, and green on white.
  2. Use shape to create contrast. Front desk sign shape can also create contrast and make your signage more appealing. Simply use a non-uniform shape that contrasts with other forms and elements in your office space.
  3. Create a hierarchy to show people what to read first. Text size creates a simple visual hierarchy (e.g. write the most important part of your message in a large font), but you can also use your front desk sign’s layout, font weight, or visual elements to highlight key areas and improve flow.

Free Professional Front Desk Sign Consultation In Nashville, TN

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