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How To Install Custom Floor Graphics Like A Pro

Today’s post explains how to get perfect results with your custom floor graphics installation. Read on to learn how to choose and prepare your display area for perfect results from our custom floor graphic installation experts.

Pick Any Approved Application Surface For Your Custom Floor Graphics

Like most things, perfect results start with a perfect foundation.

The following surfaces are suitable for the application of floor graphics:

  • Waxed vinyl
  • Sealed concrete
  • Marble
  • Ceramic tile
  • Sealed wood
  • Terrazzo
  • Unsealed outdoor concrete in good condition

Avoid areas with loose or uneven tiles, and make sure the floor temperature is between 50° and 100°F (10° to 38°C) during application.

At this stage, you’ll also want to double-check that the floor finish is fully bonded to the floor surface. Concrete sealer, wood sealer, paint, and wax are some of the biggest culprits. If the finish isn’t well-bonded, your custom floor graphics will not adhere well to the floor, and you may experience peeling, lifting, or bubbling. Save yourself the trouble and choose a well-bonded foundation from the very start.

It’s also a good idea to pick spots that fall outside the path of pallets and heavy equipment, which can damage your custom floor graphics over time.

Finally, make sure your chosen area is far enough from entryways to avoid them getting wet due to rain, snow, or other contaminants. Though custom floor graphics are required to be slip-resistant, wet custom floor graphics can increase your risk of slipping and falling, just like any other smooth surface finish. If you really want your custom floor graphics near an entrance or exit, use doormats to reduce moisture and be diligent about cleaning up any spills or wet spots.

Prep The Area For Your Custom Floor Graphics Installation

Once you’ve chosen a suitable spot, it’s time to prep the area. MetroCenter Signworks recommends:

  • Properly cleaning an area that is 6-8” larger than your custom floor graphic. The cleaner the surface, the better your custom floor graphics will look after installation. Avoid soaps or enzyme detergents.
  • Drying the area thoroughly.
  • Removing any silicone coatings, except those that appear in grout line areas of tile.

Custom Floor Graphics Installation Tips

While best left to our custom floor graphics installation experts, we offer the following tips to ardent DIYers:

  • Align all panels according to the markings on the backer. Most panels are printed with a 1” overlap that must be accounted for.
  • Tape the leading edge of the first panel to the floor, creating a “hinge.”
  • Flip the panel over by its hinge and locate the edge of the backer. Slowly pull the backer away to reveal 12” or so of the adhesive backing.
  • Carefully flip the panel back to its original position, making sure to prevent the adhesive from contacting the floor surface until you’re ready. Once you’re sure everything is in position, lower the panel in place and begin to squeegee the print to the floor using firm pressure and overlapping strokes. Always stroke across the shortest, edge-to-edge distance, and continue working until the exposed adhesive is complete.
  • Continue this process, exposing sections of panel adhesive bit-by-bit until all panels are complete.

Call In The Custom Floor Graphic Professionals In Nashville, TN

We always recommend leaving your custom floor graphic installation in the hands of our certified experts. After all, you just invested in stunning graphics, why not guarantee yourself a suitable installation?

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