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5 Critical Components Of Effective Sign Installation In Nashville

Even when you’re working with peel-and-stick graphics or simple A-frames, perfect sign installations aren’t easy! Today’s post highlights 5 critical components of effective sign installation in Nashville, TN.

Sign Installations Must Optimize All 5 Factors Of Sign Visibility

The International Sign Association (ISA) recognizes 5 main factors of sign visibility:

  1. Size—If a sign is too small, it’ll go unnoticed, but bigger isn’t always better. Getting sign size right ensures your message gets spotted, and allows your target audience to take everything in at-a-glance. But there’s no universal “best” size; it all depends on the speed and distance of your audience, as well as the surrounding environment. Most Nashville sign installations will also be subject to the size requirements laid out in the Nashville Code of Ordinances.
  2. Angle—People see signs best when they’re directly in front of them, but that’s rarely an option for your sign installation. With the exception of certain free-standing signs and graphics, most signs will be displaying their messages from above, below, or to the side of the viewer, rather than dead-on. Every angle of rotation drastically affects sign visibility—a few degrees can be the difference between full visibility and complete glare washout—so it’s important you get this right.
  3. Location—The best sign locations avoid features that fully or partially block line of sight. When selecting your location, be mindful of seasonal changes to the surrounding environment (e.g. snow banks or spring blooms blocking previously clear sight lines), as well as how the flow of traffic will affect visibility throughout the day. With some sign types, it’s also a good idea to avoid full sunlight.
  4. Luminance—If your business operates at dusk or in the dark, luminance will be a critical consideration. You may need to install exterior lighting rigs, invest in lighted signs, or display your signs indoors to take advantage of store lighting. In some cases, you might even be able to use Nashville street lights to your advantage!
  5. Contrast—Contrast comes up a lot during sign design consultations, but it’s equally important during your site survey and sign installation. Try to choose a location that uses the surrounding features or building to maximize contrast (e.g. white signage on red brick walls), and always avoid clustering similarly colored signage together.

It’s a lot to consider, but there’s no need to be overwhelmed. Our Nashville sign installation specialists factor all five of these critical considerations into each and every project, from the first consultation to final installation. With deep knowledge of local sign codes, unparalleled installation expertise, and premium materials in-hand, we provide a true end-to-end manufacturing process that delivers great results, on-time and under-budget.

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