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Bus graphics are a very effective way to promote your business or brand because they’re seen by a huge number of people every day and they have a lot of surface area available for your brand message. If you’ve ever walked around Downtown Nashville or driven near the airport you’ve seen dozens of small and large buses featuring a massive advertisement on it, which just goes to show how effective the platform can be.

Graphics on Bus

Bus wraps can come in many different colors and be comprised of various materials, all of which we offer at Metro Center Signworks. Whether you have one or two smaller shuttles or a fleet of for-hire buses, we can help make your brand stand out.

Beautiful Blue Building view skyline

What Bus Graphics Are Available?

There are several different materials to choose from – the choice mainly depends on the expected lifetime of the wrap. If you plan to change your message frequently, a material that is more easily removed might be preferable. And don’t forget the windows – they need a special product that looks like a full graphic from the outside, but is easily seen through from the inside.

Not only can we promise you that the highest quality vinyl wraps in Middle Tennessee are found here at Metro Center Signworks, we can also promise that it will look great.


The Best Bus Graphics Company in Town

Quality is Key

Quality is the name of the game when it comes to bus graphics and we happen to produce that in abundance. If you’re interested in having a bus wrap of your own installed, give us a call today and one of our experts will walk you through a consultation.

You can reach us by phone or e-mail if you’re looking to keep in touch, so the next time you need bus graphics, keep MetroCenter Signworks in mind.