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A pylon sign is a display that’s placed up high so that it can be easily seen from a distance. These displays work well for a single business or multiple small businesses, like in a shopping center. Usually, they’re lit up at night for better visibility.

If you’re in Nashville or nearby areas like Madison, Bellevue, or Belle Meade and thinking about getting a pylon display, you’re in luck! MetroCenter Signworks is the perfect match for your needs. We bring top-notch products and services to various locations in Middle Tennessee because supporting business owners is our specialty.

Installing a pylon display can make a significant impact on your business visibility, attracting more attention from potential customers. At MetroCenter Signworks, we’re dedicated to ensuring that your pylon sign not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Our team is ready to assist you in choosing the right design, size, and lighting options to make your pylon display stand out in the Nashville area and surrounding regions. Join the many satisfied business owners who have benefited from our quality products and services. Your success is our priority!

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Why Would I Use a Pylon Sign?

For anything except a multi-story office building, pylon signs are by far the most visible type of sign from a distance. If you need your brand to be noticeable well before customers are driving by your building, a pylon sign is your best choice. They’re very popular for restaurants, gas stations, banks and hotels – consumer businesses that are typically in standalone buildings.
If you own a business in a shopping plaza, many times the property owner has already installed a pylon sign with a space set aside for your business. Good news – MetroCenter Signworks can design, manufacture, and install the components necessary to make your business stand out in that space! While we’re at it, we’ll also make sure the sign is fully functional and can make repairs if necessary.


Install Pylon Signs

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Pylon signs are among the most complicated type of sign to install, so you don’t want to leave it to a second-rate sign company. MetroCenter Signworks will ensure your pylon sign is properly engineered, permitted by your municipality, and installed by licensed contractors. We handle every project with a sense of pride and accomplishment, which will be obvious when you see the result.

Call us today so we can get your brand new pylon sign up and running as soon as possible!